Our Mission

To teach high school learners future-forward robot-proof skills to prepare them for a more automated, digital and uncertain future.

Our Vision

To empower young people with the skills they will need to solve the world’s problems, however the world may change.

Our Story

Fireside Analytics🔥 is a Toronto based data analytics startup that creates online courses in data science, data privacy, and computer programming. Our open courses have over 200 000 registered learners and are available for free at IBM’s CognitiveClass.ai.

We developed this case study based data science curriculum for high schools to address a global skills shortages in data science. This course teaches learners to solve problems with data and it draws from concepts in business, statistics, and computer programming. Unlike other coding initiatives, learners who successfully complete all the modules in this program earn a Ministry of Education credit from Ontario, Canada, towards their high school diploma. Learn more about Fireside Analytics here: www.firesideanalytics.com

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