Our mission is to empower Professionals and School Students with Data Science skills

We will help you unlock the potential of Data so you can excel in your professional field.
We provide the skills, and tools to help you solve some of your biggest challenges

Our Story

Fireside Analytics are a Toronto based data analytics company that creates courses in data science, data privacy, and computer programming.  We work with organisations and aspiring individuals to unlock the potential Data Science.
Our courses have had 420 000 registered. We developed this case study based data science curriculum for high schools to address a global skills shortage in data science. This course teaches learners to solve problems with data and it draws from concepts in business, statistics, and computer programming. Unlike other coding initiatives, learners who successfully complete all the modules in this program earn a Ministry of Education credit from Ontario, Canada, towards their high school diploma. Learn more about Fireside Analytics here: www.firesideanalytics.com

Shingai Manjengwa

   Data Scientist, Instructor, Writer, Influencer
About the founder
Shingai Manjengwa (@Tjido) is the founder of Fireside Analytics Inc., a Toronto based tech startup that offers customized, data science education solutions. Shingai holds a Master of Science degree in Business Analytics from New York University’s Stern School of Business and she has developed Canada’s first Data Science curriculum that issues an Ontario high school credit (Grade 12 IDC4U). An IBM Influencer and Author, Shingai spends her time running the data science consulting practice at Fireside Analytics and giving talks all over the world about preparing young people for the workplace of the future. She highlights the need for innovation and planning to counter workforce challenges of the future, challenges from increased technology in the workplace, automation and, the growing imbalances of ageing vs. worker ratios around the world.
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